How Differently The Same Ugly/Ordinary Location Looks To Professional Photographer Vs Amateur

One of the struggles of a beginner photographer is seeing the world in a different way.

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We’ve all become so blind to the beauty around us that you have to retrain your brain to see things in a new way.

Beginner photographers are always asking me how I find such amazing locations. My answer, open your eyes, they’re all around you. You really don’t have to go anywhere.

This was one of my biggest fears when I first started. I thought I had to have the best locations to have full control over the environment I would be shooting in.

But after a while, I decided to challenge myself and let my clients choose a location. This would force me to find good spots on the spot the day of the session.

That’s when I discovered that almost any location can be a good location, you just have to learn how to see it.

Here are some photos showing what the locations look like and then showing how I see them.

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